Wellington Commons


Where can I find the parking resolution?

The parking resolution is posted to the Association's Web site at

www.wellingtoncommons.com. It was adopted during Spring
2009 and replaced an older resolution that had proved ineffective.

Why do we have these regulations?

Over the past few years, the Board has received complaints about

abuses of parking privileges in ourcommunity. We reviewed the
complaints and enforcement procedures and concluded that the
prior parking resolution was inadequate. The new resolution,
adopted in 2009, continues our traditional and flexible approach
of allowing each resident to park up to three vehicles on the
property (one in a reserved space and two in non-reserved spaces
on a first-come, first-served basis). However, it includes
provisions that improve our ability to address chronic violations
that affect everyone's use of our limited and shared parking
resources. Chief among these new provisions are the
requirements for displaying hangtags on all vehicles (including
those in reserved spaces), higher replacement costs for lost hang
tags, and a new interpretation of the requirement in our
Declarations to provide 48 hours' notice prior to towing.

How will parking rules be enforced?

The Board has contracted A-1 Towing to remove any vehicle

from the property that is not in compliance. Towing will occur on
a random basis as determined by the Board. Towing will be
between midnight and 5:00 a.m., although vehicles parked in fire
lanes can be towed at any time. The hours of enforcement are
subject to change at any time.

If believe your car has been towed, call the Fairfax County Police

non-emergency line at 703-691-2131.

What are the hours of enforcement?

The Board’s aim is to be reasonable while also addressing the

most egregious and habitual violations committed by a small
number of residents to the detriment of all. The Board's focus for
strict enforcement of the resolution will be the hours of midnight
to 5:00 am. During other hours, we will not enforce the
requirement for every parked vehicle to display a hangtag,
relying instead on common courtesy and the honor system. This
flexible approach may change—without notice—if violations
impede shared use of our limited parking resource.

How does the new resolution change past practice of
providing 48 hours' notice prior to towing?

The new resolution constitutes notice pursuant to and in

fulfillment of Article VI, Section 6 of the Declarations, which
states that “...the Board of Directors shall have the right to tow
any vehicle(s), the keeping or parking of which in the Common
Area violates the Declaration, upon forty-eight (48) hours'
notice”. Vehicles in violation of the Association's parking policy
are subject to towing without further notice at owner's risk and

I can’t place a hang tag on my motorcycle– what should I


Please see new Parking amendment that provides guidance for parking and parking decals for Motorcycles. (Update 6/30/17)

I use a car cover but it will obstruct my hang tag-what

should I do?

Cars with car covers must have a valid hang tag number affixed to

the cover so that it is clearly visible. If a hang tag with the same
number is found on another vehicle, then parking privileges will
be revoked and both vehicles towed.

I am renting in WCHOA and have not received any new

hang tags-what should I do?

Contact your landlord immediately and inquire about the status of

your tags.

Parking Resolution

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Towed?   703-691-2131

(Fairfax County Police Non-

Emergency Number)